Nemea Wine Private Tour from Athens

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  • 8 Hours

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Nemea Wine Private Tour

In this unique taxi tour starting from Athens we are going to visit the Corinth Canal, Nemea along with three famous wineries: Linos Museum of Winery, Zacharias Winery & Lafkiotis Winery. Also we will be visiting the temple of Zeus in Nemea and the Ancient Corinth. A tour full of history and taste, specially designed for wine lovers!


Corinth Canal
The Corinth Canal is a canal that connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. It cuts through the narrow Isthmus of Corinth and separates the Peloponnese from the Greek mainland, arguably making the peninsula an island. The builders dug the canal through the Isthmus at sea level; no locks are employed. It is 6.4 kilometres (4 mi) in length and only 21.4 metres (70 ft) wide at its base, making it impassable for most modern ships.


We will take you to visit the Corinthian Canal, and the Ancient city of Corinth.  Back in the ancient times Corinth was amongst the wealthiest cities. The ruins of this once splendid city lie high up on a hill above the modern city, overlooking both the Corinth and the Saronicos Gulfs.


Linos Museum

In Solomos, just three kilometres away from the city of Ancient Corinth and its evocative castle of Akrokorinthos there is a museum about wine and greek tradition, called Linos Museum.

The museum is situated in an old traditional winery. For decades the region has been famous for its vineyards. In the past wine was produced traditionally to meet the family needs. A small quantity of white wine is still produced in the winery for friends and visitors to taste.




Nemea is an ancient site in the northeastern part of the Peloponnese, in Greece. Formerly part of the territory of Cleonae in Argolis, it is today situated in the regional unit of Corinthia. The small village of Archaia Nemea is immediately southwest of the archaeological site, while the new town of Nemea lies to the west.

Here in Greek mythology Heracles overcame the Nemean Lion of the Lady Hera, and here during Antiquity the Nemean Games were played, in three sequence, ending about 235 BCE, celebrated in the eleven Nemean odes of Pindar.

Temple_of_Zeus_Nemea By Wlodek Kaluza (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0

Temple of Zeus – Nemea
The Temple of Zeus stood at the center of the Sanctuary of Zeus which contained a number of buildings and monuments that were used in the religious and athletic ceremonies of the ancient Games. Chief among these was the very long Altar of Zeus east of the Temple. Here athletes and pilgrims brought their animals to be sacrificed to Zeus with the hope that their prayers would be answered by him. The temple stands at the end of the Classical Doric temple tradition and at the beginning of the new Hellenistic combination of architectural forms with an increased emphasis on decoration.
Zacharias Winery
Zacharias Vineyards is one of the major wineries of Nemea region and Peloponnese in general. Despite the fact that Zacharias Vineyards is a rather new brand, it is one of the fastest growing companies in the wine industry. Zacharias Vineyards offer a wide variety of products, which have been awarded a plethora of medals at major world wine competitions (such as Decanter world wine awards, International Wine Challenge, International Wines & Spirits Competition, etc.). The first Zacharias family vineyards were planted in 1962 on the slopes around the Leontio village, in the heart of Nemea area. Nowadays, the vineyards cover about 40 hectares, while the grape varieties planted are 13, including Greek indigenous varieties, some of them rare, and international varieties.

zacharias-winery © Zacharias Winery

Lafkiotis Winery

In 1963, the Lafkiotis family, started making wine using some of the best Greek varieties found in Archaies Kleones of Nemea.

Today, supported by the experience of many years of producing premium wines, the family continues the tradition by selecting high quality vineyards, makes wine in modern state-of-the art facilities and ages the wines in French, oak barrels in environmentally-controlled cellars.

At the the Lafkiotis Winery, visitors have the opportunity to taste the wines and socialize in a pleasant, friendly and confortable environment. The visitors are also given guided tours of the winery, are informed about wine making and can watch a video to familiarize themselves with the history, culture and the wine world of Archaies Kleones and Nemea.

lafkiotis-winery © Lafkiotis Winery

More than a taxi tour
Our licensed tourist guide Vicky will enter with you to all monuments and explain everything concerning the monument or the musuem findings you see. Vicky has a degree in Archaeology from the University of Athens and she’s been working as a guide for 35 years now. She speaks English, French and Italian.


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FAQ’s & Useful tips

We use luxury Mercedes Taxi, legal and licensed by the Greek National Tourism Organization. (License Number 06ΣΞ00261ΣΟ).
Prices are quoted per car & not per person.
If you prefer without tour guide, our English speaking driver can give you all the historic information while you can watch a video about the tour. The driver is not permitted to enter archaeological sites and museums with you, only licensed guides from the ministry of culture are allowed to do so.
Driver will wait maximum 60 minutes after the indicated pick up time, kindly be on time.

Summer Essentials

Comfortable clothing and athletic walking shoes are recommended.
Hat, sun glasses and sunscreen to protect yourself are suggested.

Local Currency

We recommend you always keep local currency on you (euro), needed for entrance fees and small expenses

Licensed Guides Extra Seat

Please note that, if you will be choosing the service with a licensed guide, you will require an additional seat in your vehicle, since your guide will be riding with you.


Photography is permitted throughout the tour and in most historical sites unless otherwise mentioned.